Case Statement

Your Point Hudson

Vibrant, Community-Centered, Better

The Vision

Our community has deep roots in Point Hudson. Over the years we’ve brainstormed at the meetings, given voice to our values, and created plans for a more compelling Point Hudson. Time and again we’ve said it should be human scale, authentic, and an engaging place for residents and visitors alike. That future has yet to be fully realized.

Point Hudson is a treasure, unique in our region for its location and history. Isn’t it time we help it live up to the potential we’ve all imagined? The Northwest Maritime Center’s answer is YES. Together we can do that, and better yet it can be done in a self-sustaining manner—with and because of the active and open participation of the whole community. Let’s come together and complete the work started all those decades ago.

Imagine a Point Hudson as a better version of itself through a sustained, focused effort by the NWMC, the Port of Port Townsend, and our community partners—a future-forward expression of our heritage, culture, and that indefinable “We’re all here because we’re not all there” rosehip-and-salt-water-scented funk that makes us who we are.

A Better Point Hudson

Think of the energy of the Wooden Boat Festival and the Race to Alaska. Point Hudson comes to life during those events as a destination known the world over and a focal point for our community and economy. Point Hudson and Port Townsend thrive when filled with people—locals mixing with visitors from far and farther parts of the world. In big and little ways, let’s do that now, and more often.

How? Let’s start with amenities that animate public activities, more programs utilizing a larger campus, signage and hardscaped pathways, a permanent home for heritage vessels, and concierge-like service connecting visitors with the best parts of who we are. Add modern technology that allows you to pay for moorage and book dinner reservations or tickets for a play, or to connect with a shipwright for next year’s refit. Let’s welcome visitors and locals alike to celebrate the water’s edge.

The Crisis

None of these long-simmering visions are possible if the breakwater is allowed to fail. Facing imminent collapse and a $6+ million repair bill, the Port is searching for new funding and fresh ideas to avoid a shutdown—of the marina, of surrounding businesses, of the Wooden Boat Festival. The Port’s challenges don’t stop at the breakwater. They face a staggering county-wide maintenance backlog and needed investments for economic development—over and above $30 million dollars just to maintain status quo. The Port needs help.

The likely options appear to include some mix of new taxes, increased strain on the Port’s already limited budget and, unless community enthusiasm can be harnessed, the real possibility of changing the character of of Point Hudson through development aimed primarily at maximizing revenue. With community energy and support, we can fulfill the long-held vision for Point Hudson and empower the Port to address other concerns.

Community Is Our Bottom Line

In the process of searching for best solutions, last fall, the Port of Port Townsend approached the Northwest Maritime Center with an exciting concept: Would we consider taking on a master lease for Point Hudson? There’s much to be worked out, but the idea we’re pursuing is a public/nonprofit joint venture, roughly similar to the PDA’s role at Fort Worden.

Through nine months of due diligence, we’ve found a set of win-win-win solutions that benefit the Port, the NWMC, and most importantly, the community. We have a track record of leveraging resources not accessible to public entities; our involvement can help the Port reduce the need to burden the Port and the community with increased taxes or debt.

This is what we do. We collaborate with others to accomplish big ideas for our community: schools, governments, other nonprofits, and anyone else working to enrich this place we all call home. Our mission compels us to better our community and connect people to the sea. Our programs and events are a daily reflection of our track record of success and innovation. Community is our bottom line.

Join Us

Point Hudson can become our community’s maritime front porch and a welcoming gateway to Puget Sound. Its viability is inextricably linked to the health and vibrancy of our maritime mission in our region. Already, new potential participants have stepped forward, excited at the prospect of working with us. If you believe it’s time to help Point Hudson live up to the potential we’ve all imagined, join us.

Invest in the future of Point Hudson.

This is Your Point.