Simply put, the Port needs help, and we’re right here… and we think it’s exciting.

The Northwest Maritime Center and Wooden Boat Foundation have been engaged in Point Hudson for over 40 years. We care about this place, this community, and while we are mostly known for our programs and events, a big part of our story is that we were created to preserve waterfront for the public. A five-story hotel with a private beach had been designed and was in process for where our campus now stands, but the community rallied to keep this space public.

Point Hudson is going to require a lot of energy and funds that the Port of Port Townsend doesn’t have right now, so they are looking for partners. We like the idea of a local partner rather than an entity from out of town. We like the idea of a non-profit stewarding Point Hudson’s culture and history rather than a corporation looking to maximize profit. The NWMC is both local and a non-profit, and we’re pretty darned excited about the benefits Point Hudson could bring to the entire community.

In a word, yes. We are a growing non-profit with a $3 million annual budget and zero debt. It took ten years of effort but our campus is valued at more than $14,000,000, and fully paid for. We don’t have a vault of money or a huge bank account, but we do have a solid track record of raising funds, with 71% raised from outside of Jefferson County. After initial conversations with potential funders of a Point Hudson initiative, we are convinced that a capital campaign to preserve, protect, and enhance Point Hudson will have significant regional appeal.
This will definitely be a larger property than we currently manage, but again, yes. We already are a landlord to five different businesses/organizations who rent space within the NWMC, and we already serve as harbor master for the marina during the Wooden Boat Festival and selected other events through the year. Our plan anticipates adding 8 positions to our existing staff of 26. We already have staff who maintain buildings, service docks, create marketing, do accounting, and we also have staff and board members who have managed marinas, rentals, and historic properties. We will augment this existing expertise by hiring the right people. We’re not going to do this alone. One of our biggest strengths is creating dialogue with community members to make sure we stay informed and relevant. This is a key part of our strategy moving forward.