The NWMC approached the development of this proposal with the following goals in mind:

GOAL Preserve public ownership of Point Hudson

SOLUTION The NWMC assessed that barring significant development, static Port operations would not be sufficient for the long-term operation of Point Hudson, and to retain public ownership, a public-serving collaborator such as a nonprofit would be required.

GOAL Preserve historic and cultural assets for future generations

SOLUTION Point Hudson’s historic fabric is currently protected only by municipal codes. The NWMC proposes beginning the process to designate the entire property as a National Historic Landmark. This would offer the strongest protection to the historic buildings as well as make available additional funding sources to better facilitate future preservation efforts.

GOAL Provide Port with front-loaded cash for imminent infrastructure repairs

SOLUTION The full NWMC proposal includes $4.5 million in upfront cash and capital investment, with annual payments of $350,000 a year.

GOAL Improve Port’s financial position

SOLUTION Our proposal was never intended to deliver the highest financial return, but provide a reasonable-case scenario that balances improved financial performance of the campus with the goals of increased activity, preservation, and improved contribution to community-wide economic impact. Our proposal includes an annual lease payment, a prepaid investment, and a commitment to share revenue with the Port when financial performance of the assets improves. In addition, the NWMC assumes the responsibility for ongoing and deferred maintenance of the portion of the campus that is under lease. Depending on the scenario, this would save the Port $1-2 million in the first 10 years alone.

GOAL Provide public accountability without creating additional layers of complexity and/or bureaucracy

SOLUTION In addition to a commitment to embed controls within the lease document, the NWMC has already begun the process to create a Point Hudson Citizen Advisory Committee that would be a vehicle to better inform the NWMC board about public wishes. The committee would be made up of community leaders, meetings would be open to the public, and minutes posted and available as per a public meeting. In addition, there will be standing quarterly meetings between commission and NWMC board leadership to ensure lease performance, set priorities for capital improvements, and best align management practices.

GOAL Increase stability for tenant businesses and NWMC’s ongoing programming, festivals, etc.

SOLUTION A document that codifies the long-term plan and vision for Point Hudson as a whole, coupled with a robust, long-term lease of the maritime portion of the campus is a step to make that stability a reality.

GOAL Increase/ preserve public access and Engagement in Point Hudson

SOLUTION NWMC proposes two initial efforts. The first is to tie the pedestrian flow into Pope Marine Park with interpretive/wayfinding signs and exhibits, such as: a totem pole and native history of the site; clustering of wooden heritage vessels; highlighting vessels in the marina that serve the public; interpretive history of anchor marine businesses, etc. The second is to build the boardwalk that has been imagined for Jackson Street since the first strategic plan for Point Hudson was created over 30 years ago. This would be Phase 1, and we envision such improvements eventually extending around to the other two sides of the marina.

GOAL Better harness Point Hudson for community-wide impact

SOLUTION In our proposal, the registration function for marina and RVs would be coupled with a visitor center/concierge-like service that connects these visitors with targeted marketing for participating businesses: restaurants, the performing arts, downtown retail, etc. In addition, we see the opportunity to better connect visitors and Port Townsend residents with the robust agricultural sector. Special events, tasting rooms, and seasonal farm stands are only a few of the opportunities we intend to pursue. The key is that there are thousands of people who come to Point Hudson on purpose; they are fans of our community who could be better harnessed to the betterment of their experience and our community’s economic health.